A DAILY RENT supposes a 24-hour rent and 100 kilometers. Each kilometer further is charged according to the current price-list.

A DAILY RENT with unlimited number of kilometers supposes 24-hour rent and the unlimited number of kilometers. After 24 hours, a new renting day is charged.

CONSTRAINTS FOR DRIVERS: A driver must be at least 24 years old and in possession of a valid driving license for at lest 3 years.



Goods and cargo in the vehicle are not insured.
INSURANCE WITHOUT ANY PARTICIPATION IN THE EXPENCES OF THE DAMAGE: this includes the insurance of a vehicle, insurance in case of theft as well as the insurance without any participation. This does not include personal insurance. By accepting this insurance a customer does not participate in covering the expenses in case of damage to the vehicle.
DEPOSIT: A customer is obliged to pay a minimal deposit for the rented vehicle as a guarantee for charging a potential damage to the vehicle, according to the table in the price list. A deposit is given back after the return of the rented vehicle.
THE USE OF A VEHICLE ABROAD (BEYOND THE SERBIAN BOARDERS) is possible only after prior announcement. In case of robbery, damage or crash, a customer is responsible for all the expenses.
THE EXPENSES FOR THE REPAIREMENT OF THE TYRES AND PERMANENT DAMAGE of the first is the full responsibility of a customer.
DELIVERY-OVERTAKING of a vehicle is not charged within the city area. However, out of the city area, it is charmed 1.500,000 din., plus 10 din. per each kilometer.
TANKING of a vehicle is charged 150,00 din. A customer is obliged to return a vehicle with the amount of petrol in the tank at the point of overtaking it.
DAMAGE of a handle, alarm, hook, safety chip and radio or the loss of the previously mentioned is charged as a fine of 12.000,00 din per item separately.
LOSS of traffic license or license plate is charged as a fine of 3.000.00 din per item separately.
AS ADDITIONAL KIT, a customer is provided with a baby safety seat at the price of 400din. a day, GPS-NAVIGATION at the price of 400din. a day, whereas the safety chains are not charged.



The above quoted terms of using vehicles are not valid in case of a customer’s consumption of alcohol, drugs, or other opiates while driving; driving without a driving license or an invalid one, as well as deliberate damage to the car or other forms of violent behaviour.
The above quoted terms of using vehicles are not valid if the damage occurs when a customer, without the approval of INTER Rent a Car, gives a vehicle to another party. In this case, a customer bares all the expenses both to the third party and to the INTER Rent a Car.
IN THE CASE OF BREAK-DOWN of a vehicle, a customer that is a driver is obliged to enclose the following:
a report about the onset of the break-down
a report of a person guilty for the break-down
The police report is obligatory for all kind of damage
The name of the insurance biro of the guilty party, a number plate of the vehicle as well as the policy number.